Butterfly Coloring Pages

You will find a variety of butterfly coloring pages in this set we prepared for you – from cute and easy to monarch butterfly coloring pages that are more realistic. Grab your coloring pencils or crayons, print our.

I am really excited to share this set of butterfly coloring pages with you, each one hand drawn with care :). I’ve drawn a variety of different designs, so I am sure you will find a perfect one for your child or even you.

From super simple butterfly coloring pages toddlers and preschoolers will easily color through friendly looking ones kids in kindergarten will love to realistic ones older kids and you will love.

Drawing is quite a passion of mine, be it coloring pages or other things. Why not try your hand at drawing a butterfly as I do have a how to draw a butterfly tutorial too – this way you can even draw your own coloring page for your child.

Butterfly Coloring Pages

You can get each of the butterfly coloring sheets individually or you can quickly grab the whole set that you will find at the bottom of this article. This easy butterfly coloring page is perfect for younger kids as it has a nice cartoon like friendly face and not many details to color in.

The fluttering butterflies are magnificent with their colorful wings, but there is one thing that can really compliment them even more. Flowers, colorful flowers. This realistic coloring page features 2 butterflies flying around a bunch of wonderful flowers. Simple and inviting coloring sheet featuring a cartoon like butterfly (with a very big nose) and a few easy to color flowers. Perfect for kindergarten.

Two super simple butterflies flying in the air. This one is easy enough that even older toddlers can color it in. Older kids can even add to this one, by designing their own wing patterns. I was a bit sleepy when I was drawing this one and the expression he or she has on it’s face is certainly reflective don’t you think? Lots of big spaces and thick lines makes this one easy enough for younger kids.

I do love those “oversized” daisies. As with other realistic butterfly coloring pages, this one too has a bit more detail added to it, so it’s best suited for kids in kindergarten and older. This simple and cute one might just be my favorite from this whole set of butterfly coloring pages. The closed eyes certainly add something to it.

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