Flowers Coloring Pages

Flowers are often seen as objects to decorate your home and garden, but they hold more significance than that. They are part of many important occasions in your life. There are specific flowers befitting specific occasions like birthdays, funerals, wedding, and graduation ceremonies. Some flowers have religious significance as well.

Did you know that flowers have a language of their own? Yes, special meanings and symbols are attached to flowers, that help people express feelings that cannot be spoken. Flowers are also a source of food for many birds, mammals and insects.

1. Carnation

This diagram features carnation, Ohio’s state flower. Ask your child to fill colors in this black and white flower. The carnation flower is native to the Mediterranean region. It is originally a bright pinkish and purple flower produced in a cyme. The leaves are grayish green to blue-green in color. They are also found in a wide range of other colors like red, white, purple, yellow and pink. Carnation is a symbol of socialism and the labor movement. It is also often used in demonstrations on International Workers’ Day.

2. Rose

The coloring sheet features a beautiful rose. Ask your child to take out the red crayons for coloring this rose diagram. Your child can use any shade he or she likes to color this lovely flower. This sheet is a perfect way to start teaching about different types of rose and their identifying features. Rose is the most popular flower in the world. It is a woody perennial belonging to the Rosaceae family. There are more than 100 species of rose. The flower is found in a wide range of colors like white, yellow, orange and even black.

4. Flower And Insect

This bee has stumbled upon his favorite treat, a blooming flower. Print out this sheet to get your child ready for spring. The coloring page features a cute bee sucking some nectar from a flower. While your child colors the sheet, talk to him about the symbiotic relation of flowers and bees and how they help each other survive.

5. Flower Mandala

Here is a detailed coloring sheet of a flower mandala. Kids who love flowers will enjoy filling colors in the in this pretty mandala. The image, with so many small spaces to color in, will help your child develop his fine motor skills. It is ideal for older children. After your child has colored the flower mandala, ask him to name all the flowers that he is aware of.

6. Flower Fairy

Here is a coloring sheet of a beautiful fairy hanging out among the flowers, grass and insects. Coloring sheet can prove a perfect indoor activity for a sunny afternoon. Ask your child to use bright colors for the flowers and stick to green for the grasses. Ensure he or she does not forget to color the background. It will give a boost to your child’s imaginative skills.

7. Blooming Flowers

Here the sheet features a bunch of blooming flowers. The gorgeous flowers in the image are missing just one thing – some pretty colors. Can your child pull out his crayons and give some color to this serene scene? Ask your child to name the flowers he sees in the page.

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